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YEAH! i got my new love

hahah E63 is MINE! wahahahahhaha. like finally i got it. hahahah. must thank dad for getting it as my birthday present. woohoo~  love it so much hahaha

went to tampines crystal jade to eat today. but sadly, the food there getting more and more yucky.

and oh no, i haven’t been studying for like 3-4 days. OMG! and exams are like on tuesday. ):

shit. after exams over and i’m done with it. can relax for the next 4 weeks. hahahhaha.

wah simply love my new fone :DDDDDDDDDDD

going to search for my pouch tmr. hahahahah. and my screen protector at PC show. hehe.

okay end!


HELLO. i’ve something really interesting to share.

You Know i’m recently being tied down by projects right. and my pm project just ended. and and and you know wad? this guy. lets name him Y. he came for the first or second meeting. and den MIA-ED all the way (for almost a month) until WE WERE ABOUT TO SUBMIT THE PROJECT.

and wad i am angry about is that. teacher said we had to include him in our group if not our team work points will sucks. like wth?! he didn’t do anything and he can claim marks?! zzz.

den teacher asked him to contribute abit. and as our previous picture was abit too bad as compared to the other teams, we decided to redo our after picture.

okays, we have 1 day to do it. as monday lesson ends at 6. and not much time for us to do at home. so ya. as i know that he cannot be trusted, i decided to do it myself as a backup. just in case he MIA-ed again.

now, let me show you wad he did. and he still dared to show me. in a thumbdrive FULL OF WORMS. trying to put virus in my com say luh -.-








OH YES, and he dared to show me this two pics.

COME ON, using photoshop. the basic of the basic you also don’t have.

Didn’t you learn it last year? oh yea.  i forgot that you’re always skipping school thats why you don’t learn.

yes, that drawing, i think i give my brother, who is only 15 also can draw lor. like wth lor. simple drawing man.

and we did not include his picture into our powerpoint slides as it will TOTALLY RUIN my slides.

and thus, he did not do anything in that project and managed to get marks. WTH!


and the funny thing is, he had one day to do the drawing. so do i. BUT. look, even 1 day i can get something presentable. BETTER THAN HIM. EVERYTHING DONE BY MYSELF OKAYS! and and and. i didn’t know anything about google sketch up and yet i managed to do smt like this. wad about you?

bustop 1

But i finally decided to use zm’s picture and just edit abit.

bus stop(final)



STILL DARE TO ASK ME TO GO OVER AND HELP HIM WITH HIS W.A.D PROJECT THING. haha! so funny. i’ll always reject helping YOU! my answer will always be ‘ i dunno how to do ‘ even if i know. LOL.


school seriously sucks now.

so many projects, so many things to be done and yet so little time.

teachers are getting stupider and stupider. sucks.

lets say my SW teacher. SERIOUSLY RACIST. fancy speaking malay to the malays in our class when the chinese are there beside them. and totally no brain one is, when it rains, we sit there and look at the rain. waiting for it to stop so that the rest of the ppl can run. what the shit?! and den, the rain suddenly rain again when they were running half way. GoodGame.

and my PM teacher. so stupid. how can we let a group member who has never done anything throughout the last month have a part in our project?!!!!!! thats what i’m angry about. and wad she say? if we nv include him in our group, our teamwork sucks! wth?! in the first place is he nv come, where is his teamwork? and den now? he suddenly come back just to claim credit?! zzz. cher say to let him do our report. cos we’re still short of the report. WOW, depend on him? no thanks. i’ll rather sacrifice my own sleep and time to do it on my own. who knows he might just disappear again. and tadah we have no report to hand up.

Extremely unfair lor. don’t understand why this world is like this -.- and W.A.D project he also keep come see see when mich and i was doing our database. like copy lor. zzz. better dun come asking us wad to do. i won’t help.

and i am not so stupid. he asked me for notes that he MIA for 1 mths and didn’t copy. wow, you wait long long uh. bring home copy. lend you liao i can prepare to fail my exams. cos my book will never come back. Don’t understand why you wan to suddenly come back. Like you already miss out so much. WAD’S THE POINT? rather continue right from the start. zzz.

SHIT! i hate school so much now. and catching of the stupid lanyard EVERYWHERE I GO.



okays lame. lol.

BYE! enough of complains.


father says i go service my LG fone first. if still cmi den he consider letting me change fone. lols. cos bro wanted to sign plan also. den i can use his plan to buy my new fone if my LG fone cannot make it after servicing. 😀 lets hope it doesn’t help in servicing. den i can change fone. WHAHAHAHAHAH.


school has seriously been so packed.
24th has to pass up PM project. and we’re only halfway there.
31st have to pass up W.A.D project.

tmr have assignment 5.

and exams are like 3 weeks away.

i haven’t been studying much.

wah so many things at one go. hais.
really so tired of all this things.


i feel like changing from wordpress to blogger. but i heard alot of complains that blogger giving problems. den they can’t log in. hmms. shall consider again. meanwhile, please give me some comments. [:


went to expo for subway. actually wanted to go metro sales. but ended up changed my mind after eating. xD

bused 24. wanted to watch UP at AMK hub. but somehow changed our mind also.

slacked. went to chomp chomp for dinner.

regretted going there. cos i can’t eat much. zzz.

waited and waited longggggggggg time for 159 and 109. zzz. like shit sia. -.-

and ended up, estimate 9.30 i reach home. and becos of stupid buses, 9.30 i still at hougang waiting for 109. zzz.

reached ard 10, going to 10.30 i think. HAHA. stupid. lols. but at least i enjoyed a long weekend. ahh so shiok. but sadly tmr sch reopen. LOL.

okays i gotta sleep. GOODNIGHTS.




haven been updating for a long time. hahaha. kinda lazy xD

went for my science center visit and last sat went to science center again for my finals competition. but sadly, we lost at the last sec. ):

i don’t know wad to update also LOL. all i know was that during the competition was super tiring lol.

8th sept, my WAD exams. 2 days before my day lol.

time passes so fast. like 1 mth later, exams will be here. ZOMG. i gotta start mugging for my exams already. need to stop going out and start studying for my exams! HAHA. and yeah i finally completed my logbook. hahahahaa.

okays, i’m going to watch my tv and help my brother fish his fish. LOL



haha, just when i was preparing for my test, i shivered in the middle of the night at 5am. even when i covered blanket fully, i was still shivering. thats why the fever came.

when i woke up to prepare for sch, boom, 38.5. zzz. how to go to school liddat? lol. skipped sch instead and went to see doctor.

and the medicine is not very good. cos it actually cost my fever to get higher and higher. until 39.1 zzz. put ice bag on my head until i fell asleep. and mum came to help me clean my face and help me put the ice bag again LOL.

whole body was super weak and could hardly walk. zz. and why i would think is H1N1, cos not only a few kena, practically everyone in my clique kena. means more than 10 ppl suddenly got fever and cough. at the same time and same day. HOW CAN YOU NOT SUSPECT? lol.

now i’ve to wear mask outside and at home. so weird. zzz. and i’m sleeping in a seperate room as my brother. HAHA.

scary scary. lets just pray hard that it’s not H1N1.

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